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Mission Statement

Our mission at Embry-Riddle's Formula SAE team is to design, build, and compete with an innovative and high-performance Formula SAE race car. We are dedicated to engineering excellence, pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and performance. Through collaborative teamwork, we foster a culture of learning, creativity, and professional development, empowering our members to become leaders in engineering and motorsports.

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What is Formula SAE

Formula SAE (FSAE) is a globally renowned engineering competition that challenges university students to design, build, and race formula-style race cars. These high-performance vehicles are not only judged on their speed and agility, but also on their innovation, cost-effectiveness, and market potential. Teams from universities worldwide participate in FSAE, fostering collaboration, creativity, and hands-on engineering experience among young aspiring engineers. This competition provides a unique platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world automotive engineering, preparing them for careers in the competitive world of motorsports and automotive industries.

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