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Elevate your brand's visibility by partnering with ERAU Motorsports! Sponsoring motorsport offers a unique and powerful platform for brand exposure, allowing businesses to tap into a dedicated and global fan base, fostering brand loyalty, and maximizing marketing impact. 

Sponsoring ERAU Motorsports provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to support and collaborate with the next generation of engineering talent, fostering innovation, and brand recognition, and cultivating future partnerships within the automotive industry.

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, directly contributes to the car building process, covering expenses for parts and materials manufacturing.

Sponsors will receive periodic updates on the utilization of their donated materials in the car-building process, keeping them informed and engaged in the team's progress.​

If a donation is made, please send an email with your donor confirmation to us. This is to ensure we are aware of your donation and make the needed notes for your benefit!  (

We Look Forward to
Partnering With You.
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